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Integrative Health & Nutrition Coaching. Sometimes Western medicine just isn’t enough. It feels awful to be turned away from your doctor without answers to your pain and medical concerns; when all of your tests come back inconclusive. Integrative Health Coaching looks at each person as a whole, looking at symptoms, lifestyle, spirituality, diet, and more to discover the root cause of the issue. You heal naturally without relying on expensive prescription medications.

Areas of Service

Food cravings

Stress Management

Poor sleep


Weight gain/yoyo dieting

Emotional eating

Chronic illness and/or pain

Stomach issues



Health Webinars




One-on-one coaching

Super Market Tours

Pantry overhauls

Diet Evaluations

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Candida Kitchen®

See how simple and delicious cooking
sugar-free, gluten-free,
and low-glycemic can be!


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George L.

“Ilana truly helped keep me grounded and mindful of my own input and responsibility for my overall health during arguably the greatest period of uncertainty I’ll ever live through. Over the course of several months of monumental shifts in the way I live, she consistently provided thoughtful advice, attentive listening and feedback, and excellent strategies for the well-being of my mind, body, and spirit. Her research and techniques are fascinating and she brings a personality and depth to her care that I noticed from our first session and remain grateful for each day. ”

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Nikki R.

“I would definitely recommend Ilana to anyone who is looking for advice and guidance with their diets and their eating habits.  I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with.

Over the past several weeks, I have integrated her suggestions and I can clearly see a difference:  I feel better, I feel stronger and I have more energy and enthusiasm.  And, as a by product, I’m actually sleeping better too.”

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Diane C.

“Ilana is one of those counselors who puts you at ease, makes you feel heard and validated, and finds the unique healing that you need and/or hope to work on. You end up looking forward to her sessions because you feel like it’s actually leading somewhere! I especially love that she offers recommended tasks and step-by-step processes to try before the next session. It feels difficult to find counselors and healing workers who give you concrete “homework” to work on by next time, and having this with Ilana makes it easier to stay focused, determined, and work proactively on healing. I can’t recommend her enough…I always look forward to our sessions and feel determined to heal because of her work.”

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