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Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic?

Do you have leaky gut or an autoimmune illness?
How about candida, h. pylori, bloating, or other form of stomach distress?

Candida Kitchen® is designed for those of you who want to keep a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle for a healthy and healing gut!

This channel is all about sugar-free and gluten-free living for those with chronic illness and gut disorders, or those who just want to live a sugar-free lifestyle. You might be struggling with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, candida, h. pylori, SIBO, arthritis or other inflammatory and gut diseases. Candida Kitchen® has all the desserts and foods you’re searching for for a healthy, healing gut.

I have provided 9 reasons why coffee is bad for you! Controversial, I know. Coffee has health benefits and is certainly delicious, but there are a lot of negatives that can come with coffee consumption for certain individuals. Find out if you’re one of them! I’ve also teamed up with BeBalaced Hormone Weight Loss Centers to share with you a delicious MCT oil coffee recipe to help dispel some of those negative coffee side effects.

Asian food is AWESOME, but it isn’t known for being healthy. Most Asian cuisine is laden with sugar and nut/seed oils. Here I’ve teamed up with BeBalanced Weight Loss Center to create a healthy Asian recipe of Mongolian Beef and Broccoli, directly out of the Phase 2 cookbook from the Weight Loss program.

Looking for an easy, healthy Thanksgiving treat to serve? Check out this super simple protein cookie recipe from BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers! These cookies are keto friendly, full of healthy protein, and super satisfying for any sweet tooth. BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers focuses on helping the body find balance naturally so that you can lose that stubborn belly fat and balance out-of-control hormones without harmful side effects. Get a free Hormone Assessment here

Looking for a healthy holiday dessert? Looking for a healthy alternative to a sugary holiday dessert? This Healthy Chocolate Protein Cookie recipe from BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers has everything you need: sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and high protein ingredients! This is perfect for a cookie swap or to serve at your holiday meal.

Going gluten free? Yeast free, too? Cutting bread and high glycemic carbs from your diet is TOUGH. This bread recipe is full of high fiber flax which will keep you full and satisfied, as well as aid in keeping up your bowel detoxification process.  This is safe for those with Candida, IBS, or constipation.

If you’ve watched my videos on how to make our gluten free, yeast free English Muffin and Flax Bread, then this jam is exactly what you’re missing to top them off! There are no added sugars, and it’s chock-full of fiber and protein (and not to mention, super tasty!)

Valentine’s Day is here, and instead of gifting your loved one sugar-laden, processed boxed chocolates, why not make your own? This recipe is in line with the keto and candida diet. It’s low carb and sugar free chocolate!

Don’t know what to eat for breakfast? Are you TIRED of eggs and oatmeal every day? You’ve gotta try this super simple gluten-free, keto english muffin. It takes less than 5 minutes to make!

What can I eat for breakfast that isnt eggs?!
Are you tired of eggs too? This pancake recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for something rich and tasty while keeping you full for hours. Sugar free, gluten free keto pancake!

At Candida Kitchen®: Gut healing healthy recipes. Low Glycemic and Sugar Free dessert! No bake Chocolate Avocado Mousse. Perfect for those suffering from candida, h. pylori, or other stomach issue.

At Candida Kitchen: Gut healing healthy recipes. Pumpkin Carrot Lentil Soup! Perfect for cold winter days.

Enjoy a sweet summer treat on a hot day! This recipe for sugar free and dairy free ice cream is high in PROTEIN and FIBER for a nutrient dense, gut healing treat. (banana free!)

Candida Kitchen®. Here I explain a bit about the Glycemic Index of various sugar alternatives. Not all sugar alternatives are created equal! Some sugars raise your blood glucose to DANGEROUS levels, while others are much better choices for the body.

More and more chocolate shops around the country are serving up some delectable sugar free chocolates! Here in St. Augustine is one of my favorite places: Claude’s. The manager Jasmine is the next best thing to their delicious treats. Candida Kitchen® approved!

We all know Kefir is a great probiotic drink, and you can make it at home very simply. But, did you know you can SUPIFY your kefir? Learn how to give your DIY kefir an extra gut boost. Add probiotics to the mix here at Candida Kitchen®!

The holidays can feel very isolating if you’re on a restricted diet due to health issues or weight loss goals. Here at Candida Kitchen® is a very simple, healthy anti-inflammatory dessert that you AND your family can enjoy over the holidays (or anytime!) Sugar free, gluten free, and low glycemic!

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