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Scope of Practice

Before we can restore our bodies, we must restore our minds

Behavior change is not easy. The knowledge we desire is already out there, and many of us already know what we’re “supposed to do”. But why are we constantly stuck in the cycle we want so much to break? In order to restore our bodies, we must begin to restore our minds, change our perspective, and change our limiting belief system.

Ilana Integrative Health CircleofLife Philosophy

What is an Integrative Health & Nutrition       Coach?

My philosophy as a coach is to focus on Primary and Secondary Foods as well as psychology to identify the source of the problem and initiate behavior change.

Secondary Food consists of the things that we physically consume. But why is this secondary? Instinctively, most of us know what foods and drinks are good and bad for us, and I could tell you every day for 100 years to stop eating fast food and candy bars, and stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Yet, we often struggle to make those changes. Why is that?

That’s where Primary Food comes into play. Primary food feeds us, but in a different way. Primary food looks at our family history, relationships, happiness, career, spirituality, physical activity, living environment and even genetics. When our “Circle of Primary Food” is full, we are full, and we tend to rely less on secondary food for fulfillment.


When there is an imbalance in our Primary food, there is often an imbalance in our Secondary food; therefore, in order to make changes to our diets and habits, we need to look at all areas of our life that could potentially be influencing our behavior. This is a holistic approach. This is Integrative Health.

Scope of Practice

Ilana Integrative Health HealthCoach_ScopeOfPractice Philosophy

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